What to do with an Artichoke

Globe Artichokes have arrived in store this week!

If you’re like me and you have never eaten an artichoke before and have no idea how to prepare one… well you’re in luck!

I have been trawling the internet for the best explanation of how to prepare these for eating and what parts to eat and have come up with the following need to know tips…

  1. Artichokes are actually the flower bud of a thistle plant, picked before flowering. 
  2. You can boil them, steam them or fry them. The reccomended option seem to be boiling/steaming them in a little salted water (up to about halfway covering them)
  3. You can eat the leaves and the heart (the best bit) but not the “choke” once they are cooked.
  4. Have a look at this video for a demo on how to cook them  https://binged.it/2CR4NzF
  5. When you eat the cooked leaves you only eat the tender pale fleshy part at the base of the leaf and the closer you get to the centre the less edible the leaves are as they get too fiberous and finicky.
  6. If you’re a visual learner here is another video which shows how you can eat them. I found this quite helpful https://binged.it/2COQ9sD

In addition to being delicious Artichokes have a number of health benifits associated with them I even found one article which claimed that they have anti-aging properties!! Right then I’m off to give one a whirl!

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