Spring Update

Wow we are already a month into spring!

Already those seasonal gems that we look forward to are starting to become more avaliable.

We now have a steady supply of Asparagus and Radishes.


Spring Carrots and New Potatoes now instore!



New Potatoes should be kept in the fridge where its cold and dark like the ground . New spuds have a very low starch content when freshly dug and more sugar content which gives them the nice waxy texture when cooked and used in a potato salad

New potatoes should cut like soft candle wax . I usually lightly boil them in lighty salted water then turn the heat  off and let them finish off in the pot , drain and load with butter .If you want a mint taste but no fresh mint shake a teaspoon of mint sauce through the pot of potatoes .


Potato salad


4 hard boiled eggs chopped

8 new potatoes cooked and chopped

some chopped spring onion or red onion

3 chopped gherkins

some chopped ham through it

1/2 cup cooked baby peas (optional)

salt n pepper to taste


dress with ranch dressing or potato salad dressing



New spring carrots grown down south sweet eating and soft texture . These are also nice chopped and tossed in the potato salad
Delicous with a drizzle of honey over them and butter.

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