Meet the Manager

Meet Carolyn

The newest addition to the funky team. Caro has come to us with many years of experience in the produce industry. She is seriously a walking encyclopedia of knoweldge that she is itching to share with our funky team and our funky customers. No really, I challenge you to ask her a question she won’t know the answer to.

Caro is simply an awesome person, she is passionate about produce and customer service and LOVES to chat. She is excited to join the team here and help us to deliver to you great produce at great prices and above all a positive experience that will keep you coming back for more.

So if you see Caro walking around the store Say hi and don’t be afraid to ask her any produce questions you need to know, be it seasonal enquiries, which potatoes to choose or how to cook something you are not sure of. Her favourite line is “Never trust a Skinny manager”.

Here at the Funky Pumpkin we are not just about processing people through the checkouts, we want you to have a shopping experience that you can enjoy and be excited about. We are so excited to have Caro’s energy and enthusiasm to help us achieve that.

Rock on Caro, Rock on.




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