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Fruit and veg, as we all know, are the gift of Mother Nature. We also know they ride the wave of seasonal changes, and crops and orchards sometimes get on the ‘wrong side’ of Nature’s fickle ways.

Here at Funky Pumpkin, the crew thought we’d do a regular update on the comings and goings of our produce. So you know what’s bang in season and good to go, what produce is nearing the end of its natural cycle and what delicious goodness is on its way.

We’ve decided to call it:

Eating with the Seasons

So – here’s the latest from the grape/kumara vine:

Sensational Satsuma

Funky Pumpking - Fruit and Vege - Eating with the Seasons
As we say farewell to a glorious stone fruit season, we now wait patiently for our NZ Satsuma Mandarin Season to kick in. That’s due to start around mid-April, from the far north town of Keri Keri, then Gisborne.

We had a couple of citrus growers from Gisborne come in and see us just now and they’re are very excited that it’s going to be a big season .They expect the Satsuma season will go through to mid-August, which means there’s going to lots of this beautiful super sweet, easy peel, seedless fruit to enjoy. We buy daily from the market and will be doing lots of in-store tastings.

Fabulous Feijoa

We are now midway through feijoa season. The fruit is ripening on the trees very fast and all at once, so the season will be a short one, but the fruit-eating is beautiful. Not sure what to do with all that stupendous fruit at once? Here is a delicious Feijoa and Apple Crumble recipe.

Set sail the Navel Orange

Fruit and Vege Christchurch
The Australian Navel Orange makes an appearance before its New Zealand counterpart is ready. So if you’re a Navel Orange fan the Australian ones will be with us from early May, taking us through to July when the New Zealand season starts.

Coming from sunny Gisborne (again) this season is expected to be a good one (after a lighter crop last year) as the trees are loaded.

Citrus Tree - Did you know?

Did you know? Citrus trees fruit really well every second year? So don’t be disappointed when your trees at home don’t fruit well every year. They like to rest up.

Citrus news:

New Zealand limes are in full swing with plenty of fruit around and good prices.

New Zealand lemons…well, they’re having what we call an off year, where the fruit production is light, so supply is limited.

There are three main varieties:

  1. Meyer Lemons – good for desserts.
  2. Yen Ben – ideal for drinks (not too cold for a gin and tonic surely).
  3. Villa Franca – a nice seafood lemon.

New Zealand grapefruit are in full swing with the ruby flesh variety a big hit with customers now.

See you at our Colombo Street store soon so you can get busy Eating with the Seasons – Funky Pumpkin style!

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