Celebrating fresh, funky, local goodness

The team at Funky Pumpkin is committed to supplying you with as much quality, fresh, local produce as possible. So we’ve decided to celebrate one of our wonderful local suppliers – Groovy Greens from North Canterbury.

Groovy Greens provides us with amazing bok choy, kale, watercress, parsley, coriander and basil, when in season (which is to die for). And guess what? It comes daily. Picked one day, on our shelves the next – now that’s fresh!

Its success is down to the TLC (tender loving care) owner Fern Norton puts into her plants. She’s been working with hydroponic produce for more than a decade, so she really knows her stuff.

“I’ve got about 600 square metres of covered hydroponic growing area, which means I control the growing environment to get the best out of my produce. And it’s truly fresh – nothing is sitting around for days before it gets to you,” says Fern.

Result! – fresh, fabulous, vibrant greens. Come down and try them now at Funky Pumpkin.

Fern Norton’s kale makes a dreamy smoothie – packed full of colour and goodness. And at this time of year, she says, it’s growing like ‘triffids’ ☺

Groovy Greens’ vibrant fresh herbs are grown and packaged to hold on to their nutrients and flavour for longer. Plus they’re harvested one day and at Funky Pumpkin the next.


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