You Talked, We Listened

After running our survey in store and online for a few weeks, we have now collected all the responses and collated them.

A huge thank-you to all those people who responded. We really do value your feedback.

There were many really useful comments, that we are now addressing. But there were definitely a few themes that kept coming up again and again so we thought we might share a few of them with you.

First things first

HUGE shout out to our Staff!!!

One of the overwhelming themes that came up in the comments is how awesome our staff are. How they are always friendly and helpful and how the shop has such a fun vibe, so we want to say from the bottom of our hearts how grateful we are to have you. You guys are the heartbeat of this store and you make us very proud.


LESS PLASTIC – Our customers want to see less plastic. This really is a tricky one for us, particularly when it comes to products that are sold in bunches or sleeves as these sleeves protect the product from damage. But we are determined to find a solution. There are also many products that come to us in plastic that we cannot avoid. We also have to find a balance where we can still provide affordable produce, but here is how we are going to make a start.

Bagging – We will not be bagging up any products in our own store. If it comes in loose it will get sold loose. (unless it is a reduced item) Some products come from the markets already bagged and we do try to avoid these where possible however there is always the odd opportunity that is too good to miss out on.

The Naked Corner – We have ask some of our local growers to provide there products naked instead of in sleeves. The amazing Fern Norton from Groovy Greens has come to the party and will now not sleeve her incredible Kale, Bok Choy, Watercress, and Herbs. (you may notice that for display purposes we have had to use plastic crate liners to catch the water run off and protect our wooden shelves from water damage, but we reuse these liners many times)

TROLLEYS – Many people noted that our trolleys are too big and they would prefer smaller ones. So we have placed an order for smaller trolleys and we hope to have these arrive in the coming months.

FUNKY CLUB CARD CONFUSION – There were people who said they had lost their cards and were’t sure of how to get a new one. SO here is the deal…..

  1. You Can ask the till staff for a new Card at any time… they will look your name up and issue you one on the spot. No problem 🙂
  2. You can actually get away without a card! We can simply look up your name and see that you are a club member. Or you can DOWNLOAD OUR APP which acts as your card and simply scan the barcode from your phone! Available on apple and android. Just search your app store for The Funky Pumpkin.

SALAD GREENS – There has been a time this year that we have not been selling our usual bagged salad range. There are a couple of factors here. 1. They come in plastic. 2. The price had risen so much that we could not sell them at an affordable price. We have since sourced a new supplier for baby spinach and will continue to stock this line. We are also looking into options for loose salad leaves instead of bagged.

So after all is said and done we have definitely gotten some really useful feedback and are making some positive changes. Thank-you so much. 

The last word… we would always rather have the opportunity to fix an issue than have it go unsaid so please if you have an experience that is less than satisfactory or a product that is not up to standard. Please let us know and we will do our best to address it.








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  1. Thank u very much for letting me know how the survey went much appreciated,and also the updates in what’s happening with people’s questions in how to combat with what’s happening in the store,once again thank you for answering our ideas

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