Workplace Fruit

Did you know our staff can put together a box of seasonal fruit to the value of your choosing to be delivered to your workplace each week

Having healthy snacks available can help to boost energy levels, increase productivity, enhance concentration levels and raise staff morale.

Example of a $30 fruit box. Contents will vary with change in seasons.

We already provide a number of local businesses with fresh fruit to their workplaces. Here’s what they have to say about it….

“The fruit delivery for the Christchurch Emergency Department has been amazing and well received.  We get lots of comments about how seasonal and fresh it is.  Overall very happy!”

“We just love the fruit we get delivered each week. Its always fresh and great value for money”

“We love our fresh fruit deliveries weekly as part of our wellbeing programme for our staff. It’s easy and convenient for us and provides our staff a healthy alternative snack” – Acrow

“The TBX team always look forward to receiving our weekly fruit delivery, and I can never believe how fast it disappears! Thanks for helping our team stay healthy at work.” – Margot, Marketing Manager, TBX

If you would like to learn more please contact us on  03 3379595 or email us at




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