Our Journey to Reduce Plastic

Here at the Funky Pumpkin we are working hard on reducing the amount of plastic in our store.


We have gone direct to the growers and are getting our products without plastic sleeves wherever we can. The Funky Pumpkin - Fern

This include most products from the lovely Fern from Groovy Greens (kale, bok choy, rocket, coriander, watercress).

We have also gone Naked on our fancy lettuces and our cos



We are selling our cherry tomatoes loose.



We are no longer bagging product that comes in. If it comes to us loose it goes out loose*.

Bagging product is typically a strategy used by many stores to help increase the spend of a customer or move a product faster. Well at the Funky Pumpkin we are saying no to this, a commitment to improvement means more to us than money in the bank.

*exception being reduced to clear products which must be bagged for identification purposes at the tills so our customers don’t get incorrectly charged.


We have paper bags available all over the store to put your loose product into.

We are also phasing out the plastic roll bags. We have the last of them in our store now, this is what is left of a shipment we were unfortunately committed to pre-earthquake. When these are gone there is no more.



We have our own Funky Bags for sale, they are $2 each and are super duper strong not to mention bright and beautiful.

We also have Fruity Sacks, these are resuseable produce bags. $9.99 for a 3pack. Machine washable and super light weight so you are not paying for the bag when you weigh them.



We are selling Local A2 milk from Selwyn farm Canterbury’s choice. These guys have an incredible product and operate under sustainable practices. You can also bring your empty bottle back and we will send it back for re use! This milk is so popular we will no longer be selling the 2L plastic milk bottle. We can also tell you that we will be getting a milk vending machine next year where you will be able to bring your own bottle and fill it instore. This is exciting stuff!



We know there is still a long way to go but we are constantly working on this and working with growers and markets to find solutions for tricky products.









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