Mr Pumpkin Goes Abroad

We have some wonderful customers here at the Funky, some of whom we get to know well as they come in to do their regular shopping.

Recently one of our lovely regular customers and neighbours left Christchurch to go to Germany to live. We gave her a Funky Pumpkin soft toy to take with her to remember us by.

She has since sent the following update

I hope everything is well in New Zealand and Funky Pumpkin!? How are you doing?

We are settled well back in Germany and enjoy our time with family and to be close to them again.

Funky Pumpkin also enjoys it here and even was already on a few adventures. He loves boat trips … can you find him in one of the attached pics?

Funky Pumpkin is now super excited to experience a German Christmas very soon.

Keep well and much love,


We look forward to seeing Mr Pumpkin’s future travels and adventures!


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