Creamier Than The Udders

That’s the catch phrase of our new very local glass bottle milk provider. 

Canterburys Choice milk comes to us from the Selwyn district and is the Freshest milk you’ll come by.

Why Canterbury’s Choice?

  • Their milk is processed and delivered in less than 24 hours!
  • They operate SUSTAINABLE practices. The way their cows are farmed is the best in the industry. NO Bobby Calves and NO harmful sprays.
  • their cows spend over 90% of the day on lush green pastures due to one a day milkings.
  • Their milk is A2-type protein milk.
  • NO plastic
  • NO palm kernel
  • YES they do a bottle return.

What is A2

Most cows produce a mix of both A1 and A2 protein in their milk, however there is a select group of cows that naturally produce only A2

  • Research suggests that A1 protein causes adverse digest symptoms in certain people who may believe they are dairy intolerant
  • A2 protein is easily digestible because our body breaks it down differently to A1
  • We  as humans only produce A2 milk when breastfeeding. Nature intended us to consume this protein type!

Canterburys Choice milk will be available in store from Sunday the 10th November for $3.99 Bottle. 

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