If pickles tickle your fancy, eat your heart out at Funky Pumpkin

The team at Funky Pumpkin loves celebrating local, which is why we’re talking about one of our favourite suppliers – Kev’s Pickled.

Based in Woodend, North Canterbury, Kev (otherwise known as Kevin Fayen) is a master pickler and sauce maker. In his kitchen by the sea, he produces delicious Tomato Relish, Beetroot Chutney (to die for) and flavour sensations like Cucumber & Chilli Chutney. Kev’s not too shabby at sauces either – he whips up his own Garlic Sauce, Plum Sauce and delicious Thai Chilli Sauce.

Kev's Pickeled - at Funky Pumpkin

What do we love about Kev’s Pickled?

Why his Piccalilli Pickle of course! Just kidding. We’re celebrating Kev because, like us, he tries as much as possible to support local suppliers from the Christchurch and Canterbury region. The majority of his ingredients are sourced locally and he says he and his wife Michelle only sell what they can make themselves.
And everything he makes is old-fashioned – just like grandma used to make. Kev says his goal is to take people back to their childhood when they walk past the kitchen window and smell delicious pickles and chutneys brewing away.

“We make it chunky and real. We don’t use any flavour enhancers, preservatives or artificial colours – just like grandma.”

But for a modern touch, Kev now makes salt and/or sugar reduced products, and even some sugar free.
Kev's Pickeled - at Funky Pumpkin

“We make local and sell local, through local retailers like Funky Pumpkin and direct at farmers markets.”

Kev and Michelle are a local, family business, like ours and we’re proud to support and be supported by them.
Kev's Pickeled - at Funky Pumpkin

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