• Meet the Manager

    Meet Carolyn

    The newest addition to the funky team. Caro has come to us with many years of experience in the produce industry. She is seriously a walking encyclopedia of knoweldge that she is itching to share with our funky …

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  • Health Benefits of Butternut Pumpkins

    Butternut pumpkins or also known as Butternut Squash, are not just a delicious way to make a hearty winter soup but are also loaded with nutritional goodies that have many great health benefits and are low in calories.

    Just one …

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  • Apple Crumble time!

    With Apples and Pears now in season, make the most of them with this yummy crumble recipe. You can use Apples or pears or a mixture of both. We are lucky to be getting some pears and apples direct from …

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  • Have you tried kumara toast?

    If you’re one who is obsessed with kumara, and I know a handful who eat it as their main source of carbs, there’s a new trend that has started. People are loving it – have you tried it?

    Step 1:

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